Bexam PoR Whitepaper Now Available in English

Proof of Rounds

BEXAM will be a public blockchain/DAG hybrid platform.

Because of the revolutionary and large-scale nature of the technology, and its possibilities, the main target will be clients who can benefit the most from its unprecedented speed, scalability, and security: businesses and enterprises with high-frequency transaction environments.

Currently, enterprises are faced with the dilemma of choosing between centralized, yet vulnerable systems or decentralized, yet sluggish platforms. While the security provided by blockchain is alluring to enterprises around the world, the current technology’s speed and scalability constraints force such businesses to continue using their vulnerable, centralized systems. The BEXAM platform reconcile the benefits of each sector in order to create a practical and superior solution.

Using a flexible chain structure and a node hierarchy with assigned roles, BEXAM, through the Proof of Rounds algorithm, is capable of reaching unprecedented block times of 0.2s and 40 million TPS.

To understand how the Proof-of-Round, you may read the latest Whitepaper in English.

BEXAM Technology

EZYcount ICO Details Now Available in Russian

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EZYcount is developing an AI-powered accounting system to connect all sources of accounting data such as bank accounts, payment systems, e-commerce websites, and invoicing systems.

Combining AI and the blockchain technology will revolutionize the accounting industry for small businesses not only in Switzerland but worldwide.

The EZYcount Token Sale documentation (EZY TaaL tokens) is now available in Russian:

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Zcash partners with Kotoba to Push Updates in Russian

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The Zcash Blog is now available in Russian!

Read all about the new updates coming, including the Sapling Network Upgrade, the release of Zcash 2.0.0, and all the other changes to come, as Zcash approach the second anniversary of its official launch.


Perspectives о Sapling

Новая версия: 2.0.0

Выполнение протокола конфиденциального вычисления в Sapling

Kotoba is Proud to Support Menlo One

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Menlo One is a powerful framework for building decentralized applications with the speed of a traditional web app.

The decentralized database and Proof-of-Reputation incentive system is the infrastructure that enables the Web 3.0 generation of marketplaces, social media platforms, and future apps to be as fast and performant as their centralized predecessors.

We're proud to support Menlo One by translating their content into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

The Menlo One Crowdsale will begin in 13 days. More details are available (in multiple languages!) on the website at:

Hard Cap Reached for the OSA DC Token Sale!

Kotoba Translation was proud to be chosen as the translation partner of OSA DC during their token sale, which started earlier this year and just ended last Friday (August 31, 2018).

OSA DC is the world's first decentralized marketplace providing AI-driven solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and consumers.

We worked hand in hand with the project management team to provide round the clock support in Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

OSA DC built its network of supporters successfully in all targeted countries, and was eventually able to reach their token sale target.

We would like to thank the team for their continued support and impressive dedication, and wish them the best going forward!

Avanti con Amore! :)


OSA DC Website

OSA DC YouTube Channel


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Interview of Kotoba MD on Crypto Titans

Kotoba Translation Managing Director Gabriel Francesch was interviewed on the Crypto Titans podcast:

The Crypto Titans Podcast focuses on the B2B side of cryptocurrency.

Hosts Nate Ginsburg and Mikey Abts post daily interviews with the entrepreneurs, financiers, developers, and service providers that are building and shaping the blockchain industry.

Check out and for more information on blockchain, crypto, Bitcoin, & Ethereum.

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Announcing Partnership with Proof of Work

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We are pleased to announce a partnership with Proof of Work, a digital creative studio. By partnering with Proof of Work, we will be able to connect our clients to expert services in creative strategy, video production, sound, graphic, and web design. Early proponents of the Bitcoin and decentralisation space, Proof of Work specializes in translating complex and technical messages into clear and compelling content.

Learn more about Proof of Work.

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Announcing Ardor Nxt Group Membership


Kotoba Translation is pleased to be a member of Ardor Nxt Group. The Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG) is an initiative to better allow community members to participate in the growth of the Ardor Platform and Nxt Blockchain ecosystems as well as to provide businesses, projects, and organizations in the blockchain ecosystem, a platform to gain wider visibility as well as collaborative opportunities with others. It was initiated by the Nxt Foundation, a community-created organization founded in 2014 aimed at making Nxt blockchain technology more accessible by being a point-of-contact, as well as providing tools for the community.

Learn more about Ardor Nxt Group.

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WAWLLET Translates Website, Whitepaper, ICO Guide, and Videos into 6 Languages

Kotoba Translation translated  WAWLLET's website, whitepaper, ICO guide, and videos into 6 languages, including Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Russian.

Kotoba Translation translated  WAWLLET's website, whitepaper, ICO guide, and videos into 6 languages, including Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Russian.

We had the pleasure of working with WAWLLET to translate their website, whitepaper, ICO guide, and video subtitles into 6 languages, including Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Russian.

WAWLLET is a promising project that makes it easy to manage a variety of assets.

In short, WAWLLET is a mobile and desktop application that will allow users to manage all their fiat, cryptocurrency assets and commodities. WAWLLET will enable users to quickly and securely transfer assets to other people and accounts connected to the WAWLLET network.

The project was carried out in partnership with Blonde 2.0, a PR agency specialized in the promotion of blockchain projects, and Contentworks, a content agency that delivers smart content marketing solutions for the finance, tech and lifestyle sectors.

Learn more about WAWLLET.

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SmartCash reaches the Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Thai markets

Kotoba Translation translated SmartCash's website into Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Thai

Kotoba Translation translated SmartCash's website into Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Thai

We were delighted to help bring SmartCash to four new markets by translating their website into Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Thai.

We were especially excited to work with SmartCash because it’s a project that deserves international adoption. SmartCash brings the power of an incentivized community to cryptocurrency. 80% of the SmartCash block reward funds community proposals and teams, and another 15% of the block reward is distributed to wallets holding at least 1,000 SmartCash for 30 days.

SmartCash enables decentralized governance by issuing one vote per token. Therefore, token holders can vote to decide the projects they want to support and have a real say in the future path of SmartCash. 

The translation was carried out using the most convenient file formats for the SmartCash team to quickly go live with translated content. We also avoided any possible bottlenecks by working directly with their team on their project management platform.

Learn more at

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