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Timeline for translation projects

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How long will it take to translate my project? We would like to answer one of the most common questions from clients. The following translation times will work for most business translation projects.

Which languages are the most relevant?

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Which are the most popular languages for communicating online and offline?

The new globalized world offers endless possibilities to expand your business and reach new customers worldwide. Offering translated content to your customers makes your brand stronger and increases your chances to succeed in any part of the world. But, which are the most relevant languages to translate into? Which are the ones that will bring you more customers and value in return?

What are we looking for in our translators?

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A good CV, lots of specialization courses and a huge list of past projects help, but that is not all that we are looking for. . Experienced translators were new at some point in their careers and back then they did not have all those projects under their belt. Everybody starts without much experience, so there must be something more than just experience, right?

Project Management at Kotoba

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Kotoba’s translation process is always a multistage process tailored to the needs of each client.

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