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April 1, 2019

Project Management at Kotoba


Kotoba’s translation process is always a multistage process tailored to the needs of each client.

The whole life-cycle of a translation from the creation of the initial quote to the final delivery is handled by our experienced project managers.

They are the link with the client and they work behind the scenes to coordinate our team of translators and DTP specialists to ensure that every aspect of a client's project is completed efficiently according to the specific requirements and with high precision and accuracy.

At Kotoba, every project that we launch goes through five clearly defined stages:

1. Planning the project

Every project starts with a kick-off meeting to introduce the team to the new client, understand the scope and requirements of the project and present a quote based on the analysis of the files.

We have automated part of our translation process with our new portal. Now, it is even faster and easier for our clients to submit files and new requests with just a few clicks, and we will get to work immediately.

Our automated quotation and ordering processes help us strive in fast turnaround jobs.

2. Preparation and assignment

After establishing the client’s needs, a detailed workflow designed to meet the timeline and specific requirements is implemented. We allocate the project to the right resources choosing the most appropriate translators and proofreaders from our team.

The files are analyzed and prepared for translation regardless of whether a CAT Tool will be used or not, early identification of any potential problem is key to address any issue that may require intervention by the client and to prevent any unforeseen setbacks during the process.

3. Translation

The translation itself is the core part of the project and is only successful when the other steps have been effectively planned and completed.

The project manager provides access to translation memories, style-guides or reference materials to the assigned resources and supervises the process sending questions to the client for clarification and providing support and feedback so that the translation, editing, and proofreading are completed flawlessly and on time.

4. Post-formatting

After the translation, our skilled DTP team ensures that all the content is displayed correctly in the target documents and does the necessary image and graphic editing. When completed, the translation is again reviewed by the team at Kotoba to make sure it follows the original format and all texts and graphics have been kept identical to the source.

In the case of localization, once the client has implemented the content in their website, app or platform, one of our translators does a final check before the content goes live.

5. Delivery

The project manager delivers the final files to the client in the specified format, confirms that client is satisfied with the content and discusses feedback where applicable.



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