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The Ultimate Guide to Website Localization

PART I. The Basics of Website Localization

You have carefully developed your website. Crafted unique content. Optimized the SEO and marketing parameters. But If you want to reach a broad audience, you need to give your visitors the option of a tailored experience. And for that, you need localization. Your content must be localized in order to be adapted to your international target audience —an essential part of marketing that plays a vital role in growing your business.

What are we looking for in our translators?

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A good CV, lots of specialization courses and a huge list of past projects help, but that is not all that we are looking for. . Experienced translators were new at some point in their careers and back then they did not have all those projects under their belt. Everybody starts without much experience, so there must be something more than just experience, right?

How much should I charge for my translation services? A guide for translators.

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If we scroll down different translator forums or professional associations websites, one of the most common questions among translators is how to price their services. Setting rates can be a daunting task not only for recent graduates or new freelancers but also for the experienced ones.

Therefore, we had several reasons why we wanted to write this post: lots of people do not know how to adequately price their services and many of those are also too afraid to ask!

Translation: freelancing or in-house?

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Office Set-up for Freelancers and Remote Workers

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Time Management for Freelancers

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Learning Resources for Continuing Education

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Tips for Nomad Translators

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nomad working

Super Translator Checklist

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In our previous article, we shared a few tips to set aspiring translators on the path of success.

How to Get Started as a Freelance Translator

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Translation is a popular choice for global citizens who master one or more languages, and who want to start working independently. What does it take to become a full time translator? How can you kickstart your career once you've made up your mind?

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