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Key Document Translation

We provide high quality translations for essential documents such as whitepapers, technical documentation, and investors kits. Blockchain projects are by nature international, and their success depends on successful adoption on a global scale.

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Multilingual PR campaigns

We have the in-house expertise to translate any kind of online content, while making sure it will look perfect for your audience. Whether it is newsletters, blog articles or Twitter posts, we will convey your message to your international audience, according to your brand identity.


Website Translation

We have experience in creating multilingual websites for the most popular content management systems and platforms. We can work in collaboration with your designers and developers to integrate new languages on your website with minimum effort.

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Software Localization

Thanks to our team of translators and developers, we can assist you in making sure that the services you are building are available in a wide range of languages. A user friendly and localized interface plays a huge part in the success of a project, and is the best way to engage with your clients.


App Localization

We use leading solutions to translate the content of iOS and Android apps, so that you can reach new markets and add value to the app you are working on. All content translation is managed centrally, and we quickly integrate updates from developers.


Internationalisation Support

On top of specific translation assignments, you can also count on us to provide advice on all issues related to multilingual communication and scaling your business on new markets. Our network of partners may also assist you in setting up operations and building your brand internationally.


Our Team


Gabriel Francesch: Founder

Gabriel is an experienced business developer now focusing his attention on the blockchain industry. His key skills are strategic planning, project management, finance, time management and his ability to build trust and long term relationships with clients and partners. His background as a professional translator and interpreter gives the company an edge to manage translation projects efficiently, regardless of their size or timeline.


James Malach: Partner

James is a senior software developer who has been creating and launching innovative web-based solutions since 1997. His specialties include technical architecture and design, business process analysis, project management, prototyping, strategic planning and assessment, community and social network creation. His deep knowledge of blockchain technology and extensive network give Kotoba Translation a degree of specialisation that is second to none.



We recently used the services of KOTOBA Translation because we needed an agency familiar with the specific language and terminology related to blockchain technology. The project was completed over a weekend and delivered at the agreed time. We would definitely use their services again!
— Kristina Kalcheva, Managing Director, Jelurida Swiss SA


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