The blockchain revolution has already begun. This is a whole new ecosystem, which will transform society as we know it. The revolution of 'trust' will spread beyond borders, and we will be here to assist through every step.


Key Document Translation

Blockchain projects are by nature international, and their success depends on successful adoption not only in one country, but on a global scale. We provide high quality translations for essential documents such as whitepapers, technical documentation, and investors kits.

Software Localization

Thanks to our team of translators and developers, we can assist you in making sure that the services you are building are available in a wide range of languages. A user friendly and localised interface plays a huge part in the success of a project, and is the best way to engage with your clients.

Online Content

We have the in-house expertise to translate any kind of online content, while making sure it will look perfect for your audience. Whether it is newsletters, blog articles or Twitter posts, we will convey your message to your international audience, according to your brand identity.


What we do

Kotoba Translation has only one goal: to make sure you succeed in engaging with your global audience. Our team is comprised of hand-picked professionals who all have experience in dealing with blockchain assets and crypto-currencies. We all use regularly and invest in digital assets, and understand the complex dynamics of the blockchain industry.


Kotoba Translation is a translation agency entirely focused on the blockchain industry. Our clients include major crypto-currencies, third party service providers and many other future-focused companies using the blockchain to change the world.

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Top Notch Service

Because of our unique expertise, we have become a preferred partner of some of the biggest names in the industry. Check out our blog for updates on successful projects we have been working on.