EZYcount ICO Details Now Available in Russian

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EZYcount is developing an AI-powered accounting system to connect all sources of accounting data such as bank accounts, payment systems, e-commerce websites, and invoicing systems.

Combining AI and the blockchain technology will revolutionize the accounting industry for small businesses not only in Switzerland but worldwide.

The EZYcount Token Sale documentation (EZY TaaL tokens) is now available in Russian:


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Blockchain consulting firm Agavon becomes a partner of Kotoba Translation


On October 24, 2017, Kotoba Translation and Agavon announced the signing of a cooperation agreement to reinforce ties between the two companies and to provide a framework for future collaboration.

Agavon is a blockchain consulting firm based in the canton of Zug, in Switzerland, which was founded by Travin Keith in 2017.

Travin Keith is a long-time member of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, since 2013, and has been involved in numerous projects and communities such as the Nxt Foundation, SICOS, Hyperledger, and BitcoinMarkets

Agavon provides consulting services to help companies decide whether or not to use blockchain or other distributed ledger technology solutions, and which ones are right for them, or whether other solutions are more appropriate for their needs, as well as their implementation in cooperation with a network of partners.

In the future, Agavon will also work on other software to complement blockchain and DLT solutions as well as explore other business opportunities.


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