Our Mission

We founded Kotoba Translation to enable blockchain & fintech companies to easily reach across language barriers and fulfill their global potential



Why Kotoba?

1. You Need People Who Get It

Our translators are well-versed in the blockchain industry. We continually advance our team's knowledge with regular company-wide trainings on blockchain technology. 

2. You Need Accurate Technical Translations

Don't lose your technical differentiation in translation. We make sure international audiences understand your message.

3. You're Busy

From your first consultation to going live with translations, our seamless process keeps you focused on your milestones. We even work with your developers or designers. Think of us as an extension of your team. 



Meet the Team


Gabriel Francesch

Managing Director

Gabriel has 10 years’ experience in translation and business development. Driven to support the blockchain industry, Gabriel founded Kotoba to enable the blockchain industry to reach audiences worldwide.

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Joachim Bertot

Financial Director

Joachim is an IT systems specialist and an accomplished investment analyst. Possessing an aptitude for identifying opportunities, Joachim has founded many profitable businesses in niche European and Asian markets.

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Uyanga Mashbat

Vendor Manager

Uyanga has been working as translator and interpreter for over 10 years. Uyanga’s talent for connecting people and her exceptional communication skills enable her to bring top linguistic talent to Kotoba.

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Alexandra Heller

Marketing Director

Alexandra has over 10 years’ experience helping companies convert new audiences into company advocates. She works with Kotoba’s clients to refine their communication prior to translation, resulting in more effective campaigns. 

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Antonin Francesch

Country Representative

A specialist in foreign affairs, Antonin served at the French embassies in Japan and Thailand. Antonin lives in Tokyo and hosts conferences worldwide. He uses his extensive network and interpretation skills to help Kotoba’s clients further their presence in Japan.


Start Translating. New Markets Await.